Murder Mystery 2018

Without a doubt, our 8th annual Murder Mystery – the Mystery of the Sasquatch’s Purse – was our biggest success yet. We sold all 100 tickets, and the room was packed with 115 participants. But even more exciting was the fact that we raised a net of close to $3,000 for our association. Thank you to our suspects: Angie Fukarwie (Angelica Jesser), Shana James (Treena Decker), Chani Singh (Chelsea Stamp-Vincent), Mary ‘Bluebird’ Sampson (Aurora Dawn Martin), Gilles Perot (Cody Curry), Jason Argonona (Tyler Portelance), Milan Argonona (Hans Seidelman), and Clive Johnson (Tristan Higginson). We also want to thank: the Crest Hotel, Ridley Terminals, le Patrimoine Canadien, the Port of Prince Rupert, the District of Port Edward, Ashley Home Store, West Coast Creations, and all of the other local businesses who supported us. Merci beaucoup!

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Association des francophones et francophiles
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Prince Rupert (Colombie-Britannnique)
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